Choosing Custom Car wheels

Choosing Custom Car wheels

Putting custom car wheels on your vehicle can zest up your ride. New set of car wheels can also enhance vehicle performance. Whatever is your reason to go for new custom car wheels, before you get them, it is good to get an understanding of what it means for your automobile. It will most likely get more responsiveness, with your ride becoming more sensitive to street conditions while your tyre tread life could be enhanced or abbreviated.

It's likewise great to have a basic idea of fitment, which means what wheel-tyre sizes can be appropriately mounted on your vehicle. Without knowing, you risk a setup that could influence vehicle freedom, cause vibration issues and modify your ride quality. The wrong set of car wheels can cause contact with bumpers, inner bumpers, shockers, tie bars, brake callipers and other suspension parts.

This is what to think about

when picking car wheels set that will meet your driving objectives and accurately fit your vehicle. To find custom car wheels that will work for your vehicle; begin by finding your wheel diameter, tyre width and tyre aspect ratio.

1. Wheel width
This is the separation between the two bead seats, the flat spots where the edges of the tire get tucked safely onto the wheel. This estimation will be stamped on the side of the tyres.

2. Your current tyre width
Tyre width is the estimation in millimetres (mm) from side to side looking at the tire from the front. It is also marked on the tyre sidewall.

3. Aspect ratio
This number is marked on your tyre sidewall as percentage. It's the height of the sidewall measured from the rim to top of the tyre tread, expressed as a percentage of tyre width.

If you are looking to just customize the look of your ride without making modifications to the vehicle’s performance then it is a good idea to stick to the same measurements, however if you enjoy driving and are searching for upgrades, picking a bigger measurement wheel will lessen the tyre's sidewall height and increase responsiveness. You'll see greater stability and better cornering. Another thing to consider is the bolt pattern. It determines the numbers of lug holes there are on the car wheels you're purchasing and how far separated they are. It must be perfect with your vehicle, so the lug aligns perfectly with the studs on your suspension. There are different bolt designs and specifications prevalent in the market these days, so sometimes even the design of the tyre matches, there's a probability they probably won't fit your car. That is why you must test fit car wheels before you buy them.

The easy way to find what car wheel sizes, bolt patterns and styles are ideal for your driving and vehicle is to converse with a car wheels professional and expert at Oxwheels before you purchase. We consider your preference along with following factors before making a recommendation:

  • Clearance space against chassis, brakes or parts of the suspension
  • Tyre weight compatibility
  • Stability and ground traction
  • Speedometer and odometer readings
  • Load capacity

When you have narrowed down your choices, we can then put your car on a ramp and demonstrate how the car wheels really looks like after putting them on so that you can make the right decision.