Nexen Tyres

Nexen is an excellent brand based on unrivalled designs, abundant innovation and exceptional customer service. Started in 1942, the Nexen Tyre has an immaculate standing of producing quality tyres for the world which has earned them lots of global awards and commendations. The comprehensive quality and defect-free tyres have earned them the trust of many car makers – who realize the intrinsic relationship between a vehicle’s safety and performance and its tyres.

Nexen Tyre Co was conceived in 1942 as Heung-A Tyre Company, the primary tyre organization in Korea. They made Korea's first V-formed directional tyre in 1992. Their objective – which they have accomplished to date – is to have the "best" quality products, with no product recalls ever. In 2000, the organization was renamed "Nexen", which was expected to point to the future by joining the words "next" and "century", and their trademark is "Next Century Tyres". They were the principal organization to win every one of the four of the world's best design award.

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