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ev wheels, 19' wheels, IFG wheels -19X9.5
Black/Groove / Flat Black /

ev wheels, 19' wheels, IFG wheels

Model: IFG36
Size: 19 X 9.5
Finish: Flat Black; Black with machine Groove ; 
Stud Pattern/Offset:  Blank (Customize to most P.C.D.), 25P 

The new exciting range of wheels from INFORGED, TAIWAN incorporate a new technology that eliminates the “step” behind the spoke making these wheels look a full size larger and creates a cleaner ‘see thru” appearance as well as removing the valve from view. This look combined with a concave design makes this a unique looking wheel that is sure to turn heads as well as being lightweight yet strong !

The IFG36 is available in sizes of 19x9.5 & 19x8.5  and colours of Black with machine groove, Flat Black. As we import this wheel in Blanks and a low offset of 20p, we can virtually “tailor” make this wheel for your vehicle on our in house C.N.C. machines. Its Slim, Open 5 spoke design makes this wheel easy to clean and will enhance the looks of any vehicle, especially when you can get up to 71mm concave on the 22x10.5 size.

Revolutionize Your Drive with OX Wheels' IFG36 19’’ EV Wheels

Transform your electric vehicle's performance and style with OX Wheels' IFG36 19’’, the ultimate choice in EV wheels. These 19' wheels are designed to merge seamlessly with the innovative spirit of electric vehicles, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with IFG wheels craftsmanship.

Why Choose IFG36 19’’ ?

l  Enhanced Efficiency: Tailored for EVs, optimizing range and performance.

l  Bold Aesthetics: Deep concave design for a standout look.

l  Durability: Premium materials ensure lasting quality and strength.

l  Perfect Fit: Ideal for a wide array of EVs, upgrading both looks and handling.


Elevate your electric vehicle with the sophisticated design and superior performance of the IFG36 19” wheels.

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  • Model: IFG36
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