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OX-Steel -17X8.0


Model: OX-Steel
Size: 17.0 X 8.0
Finish: Flat Black ; Glass Black
Stud Pattern/Offset: 6/114.3, 10P ; 6/139.7, -20P ; 6/139.7, 0P ; 6/139.7, 20P ; 6/139.7, 25P ;

Aftermarket steel wheels are usually a different variety of steel wheel when compared to the O.E. market. The presssed steel wheel you find on your standard passenger car is not what you find in the aftermarket steel wheel industry as a rule. When we talk about steel wheels we are usually refering to the 4wd steel wheel type which has become known as a generic Sunraysia style. We have steel wheels available in 15x7 or 16x7 & 17x8.

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  • Model: OX-Steel
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