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Open End Nut -0X0.0

Open End Nut
Model: Open End Nut 14x1.5 H0 L44 Chrome
Size: 0.0 X 0.0
Stud Pattern/Offset:

If you think you have seen the OX 0052 before you are correct. We just had to bring this back due to its popularity and diversity. Available in 17x7.5 or 18x8 as well as 2 finishes - Gloss Black/Machined lip or Gloss black/Machined face this is an ideal fit for most of your front wheel drive cars today that are so popular. Apart from the 8 & 10 Hole multi fit range we have added Blanks to enable us to specially drill them to your vehicles exact specifications!
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  • Model: Open End Nut 14x1.5 H0 L44 Chrome
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