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OX849 -20X10.0
Flat Black /

Model: OX849
Size: 20.0 X 10.0
Finish: Flat Black ;
Stud Pattern/Offset: 5/114.3, 33P ; 5/115, 25P ; Blank (Customize to most P.C.D.), 25P ; Blank (Customize to most P.C.D.), P ;

The Ox 849 wheel is one of those that will look great on any car ! Whether you drive a luxury European car such as a Mercedes , BMW, Audi or even a Commodore or Falcon this wheel will add class to you ride ... Finished in 2 colours you can match this wheel to the look you want... Full Matt Black for the tough look or Flat Silver/Brushed Face for the more conservative look... And you can get it in the staggerred option with 20x8.5 on the front and 20x9.5 for the rear so you can get extra rubber down for added traction !!!
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  • Model: OX849
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