Mag wheels Hobart

Mag Wheels Hobart

Oxwheels are one of the biggest stockists of mag wheels Hobart and have a huge range of new Mag
Wheels & Alloy Wheels, perfect for most makes and models of regular cars, 4WD’s, Trucks, Utes,
Vans & High Performance Vehicles. Mag wheels are basically alloy wheels made of magnesium,
aluminium & other compounds and offer a shiny finish which is more pleasing to look at compared
to normal wheels. Our mag wheels Hobart are very light weight and often used in motor sport for
the very same reason. They are also stronger in comparison with pure metal wheels and conduct
heat away from the braking system decreasing the stress on the brakes and increasing the comfort
of your ride.

We have years of experience in the tyres industry and can help you choose from the host of different
mag wheels Hobart options we have. We are dedicated to bringing to you the most cost-effective
mag wheels Hobart for your vehicle, and offer you the right products to help you get back on the
road with confidence. We offer a low-cost guarantee means that we match high-quality product
with competitively priced service.

We have mag wheels Hobart to match cars of any makes and models and most importantly to fit
into your budget. You can also browse our range of rims to get an idea about how you can customise
your car for a certain specification. Contact us today to speak to our mag wheels Hobart experts and
to discuss our range of mag tyres. Give us a call to get a competitive quote on a mag wheels Hobart
to suit your needs and budget or drop in our store for a conversation about the products that are
best for you.