Selecting the right tyre width: A beginner’s guide

Nov 12, 2018

Although OxWheels has been in the business of selling tyres for many years now, it still surprises us when people completely disregard tyre width when enquiring about new tyres. Curiously enough, those who ask questions about tyre width always seem to want wider tyres; never thinner.

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What Car Rim PCD is, and why it must be factored when changing car rims?

Oct 29, 2018

When changing a car's rims, one needs to factor the Pitch Centre Diameter (PCD) in to be sure whether the new car rims they are buying will fit their car. PCD is the diameter of an imaginary circle passing through the centre of all bolts in a wheel. In other words, this indicates the distance between the centres of two diagonal bolts.

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Does tyre size affect car performance?

Oct 02, 2018

Are you thinking of pimping up your ride by adding bigger wheels? Whether you are looking to go fora bigger diameter wheel for a new car or second hand wheels for a vehicle you already own, there are some advantages to be had, but some disadvantages as well.

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Custom forged car wheels

sept 08, 2018

‘Forged’ and ‘Casted’ are expressions to describe aluminium custom forged car wheels. Through the processes of Forging and Casting, aluminium wheels are subjected to high temperature and pressure to create high strength and durability car wheels.

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Choosing Custom Car wheels

Aug 24, 2018

Putting custom car wheels on your vehicle can zest up your ride. New set of car wheels can also enhance vehicle performance. Whatever is your reason to go for new custom car wheels, before you get them, it is good to get an understanding of what it means for your automobile.

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