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Welcome to OXWheels

OX Wheels are world leaders in design and innovation of tough, reliable and elegant European and Japanese style wheels. Our wheels are made to the high exacting standards such as JWL, VIA and in some cases TUV. As we are not compelled to buy from one manufacturer we can search all over to bring you the latest in designs and technological developments and we are constantly adding to our existing popular range.

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With 2 in-house CNC machines and a wide range of blank wheels, we are capable of customising our exclusive range of alloy wheels to almost any pcd or offset to cater for all those unusual fitments we see today. Whether you drive an American muscle car, a European luxury car, or even a Japanese/Korean daily run about car we can virtually tailor make a wheel to suit yours and/or the car specifications. Our team at OXWHEELS have many years experience in this field and can guarantee a safe, quality product.

Why Choose OX Wheels?

l  Unmatched Quality: Each wheel is a masterpiece of durability, designed to withstand the rigors of the road and enhance your vehicle's performance.

l  Innovative Designs: From sleek, modern aesthetics to rugged, adventurous looks, find the perfect match for your vehicle's personality.

l  Performance Upgrade: Experience improved handling and stability, making every drive a pleasure.

l  Wide Range: Catering to a variety of vehicles, our selection guarantees you'll find the exact fit for your car, truck, or SUV.

l  Expert Advice: Our team is here to help you choose the perfect wheels and tyres that fit your vehicle and personal taste.


Step into the world of OX Wheels, where excellence meets elegance, and transform your vehicle today with our premium performance tyre and wheel packages.

Why buy Alloy wheels ?

Alloy wheels are made out of an aluminium alloy and as the name suggests they are a 'mixture' of metals. In fact the term "Mag Wheels" comes from a time when wheels had a high content of MAGnesium which made them extremely light but really only suitable for race track use as magnesium is extremely flammable !!! Todays alloy wheels are very light and strong and are made to exacting standards which ensures they are suitable for road use while giving the owner a lighter feel steering wheel as well as new exciting fashionable looks ! As alloy wheels are more open in their design than steel wheels they also have better heat conduction which improves braking and extends brake pad and rotor life. And, of course, lighter wheels mean less steering effort which can enhance vehicle handling !!!

Alloy wheels are the quickest, easiest way to enhance the look of your ride. If you want to make your car stand out from all the rest then the purchase of a set of alloy wheels will definitely acheive your purpose. No longer are you limited in choice as alloy wheels are not only made in Australia but are imported from overseas from the many various alloy wheel manufacturers. Alloy wheels come in a huge range of designs and sizes as well as colours so todays purchaser of alloy wheels has a vast choice ! Usually starting at 13" for the small economy cars, alloy wheels are commonly seen in up to 22" and even come in larger sizes than that but those alloy wheels are not as common. There are a number of ways of making alloy wheels as well but the most common used is gravity casting. There are manufacturers who can supply alloy wheels in a "Multi piece design" in either 2 piece or 3 piece with the advantage of being able to tailor make an offset or rim profile. A major advantage of alloy wheels is not only in the modern, fashionable design but as they are much lighter than steel wheels of the same size alloy wheels can increase fuel efficiency as well as making the steering more managable. Alloy wheels can also dissapate heat more effectively as their (usually) more open design allows the flow of air past the rotors and brakes which can also increase safety. So, whatever your reason may be to consider buying a set of alloy wheels you can be sure there are many benefits to justify your purchase of a set of new alloy wheels.

Steel wheels

Aftermarket steel wheels are usually a different variety of steel wheel when compared to the O.E. market. The presssed steel wheel you find on your standard passenger car is not what you find in the aftermarket steel wheel industry as a rule. When we talk about steel wheels we are usually refering to the 4wd steel wheel type which has become known as a "generic" Sunraysia style. We have steel wheels available in 15x7, 16x7 & 17x8 with an extra high load rating which makes our steel wheels extremely strong and able to handle just about any rough treatment you can dish out. Steel wheels are well suited to the "offroad" applications as they allow a wider tyre to be fitted than the O.E. steel wheel as well as an increase in track to enhance vehicle stability. This variation in offset available in the steel wheel will also make the vehicle look tougher with a wider stance and fitting a set of aftermarket steel wheels to your car means you can then protect your valuable alloys from damage. Also, with aftermarket steel wheels being available in different coluors ( white or black) you can now choose them to suit the look you are now after.