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4X4 WHEELS MELBOURNEOxwheels has created a big name for itself in making quality 4X4 wheels Melbourne for SUV and 4X4 vehicles. We fabricate premium 4x4 wheels Melbourne that are designed to make your SUV vehicles drive smoothly and adapt to the rough Australian road conditions. Regardless of whether you are searching for 4x4 wheels Melbourne to give your price ride a lifted look, or a classy stance to separate your SUV from all others, you will find the right set of 4x4 wheels Melbourne at Oxwheels.

We have a range of quality 4x4 wheels Melbourne available in various sizes and finish suiting any 4X4 or SUV vehicle and can also help you with custom 4x4 wheels Melbourne in case you need something out of the ordinary. Our off road drive enthusiasts can create custom wheels that will certainly make heads turn.

Our 4x4 wheels Melbourne offer style as well as safety. Designed to efficiently bear heavy loads associated with Utes, SUVs and 4X4 vehicles, they provide maximum contact on road to guarantee a smooth, stable and vibration free ride. We stock only the best quality 4x4 wheels Melbourne that have undergone series of safety tests so that they are ready to go up against any street or off road trail.


Our 4x4 wheels Melbourne products are completely safe and tested by us in Australia according to the highest industry standards. We use the most cutting edge innovation in the creation of our wheels and cater to individuals, tradesmen and sports vehicles. So if you have any 4x4 wheels Melbourne requirement or want to talk to an expert to see how you can enhance your riding experience, give us a call and we are happy to help.